sábado, 7 de novembro de 2009

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João Tiago diz:
my shadowself is looking for people like u. It will get into u. u will not feel anything, and then, it will controle urself. U will do all i order u. U will be my sexual slave. I will possess u by all the fucking ways u can imagine. And then, when i decide to, u will fall and die. But before, u will suffer a lot. U will be for merci, and i will say "suck my balls"
*u will beg
Hugo diz:
tens problemas sérios...
João Tiago diz:
no i'm an hero. I can do all i want to do. The are only a man with problems here. And this one is u. U r the human being that will die with my shadowself inside
my power is so fucking amazing
i can controle everybody, evereywhere, at any time
Hugo diz:
axas q vou ler isso?
fala sozinho and
ou vai à wc aliviar um pouco

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